Booking Conditions


Our general conditions regulate all our sales and rentals without exception or limit.
Any order implies that the buyer / renter knows them, accepts them and waives its own conditions or specifications if any.
Our general terms and conditions may be subject to over-the-counter (OTC) arrangements provided they are in writing. They will have to be read and agreed, signed and appended to the order will be the exception, their value being limited to the sale or the contract if that is the case.


They are published subject to printing or omission errors.
The rental rates are inclusive of all taxes and charges (water and electricity), except if mentioned in the specific conditions of the contract and in the pricing list.
The price does not always include the final cleaning. This will be stated in the specific conditions of the contract. For any other supplement, refer to the full description of the accommodation.


The reservation confirmation and the invoice will be sent to you within 7 (seven) days following the payment of the deposit.
Dematerialized online booking:
The automatic registration systems set up by the seller are proof of the completion of this booking contract. The customer will receive a confirmation of the order by e-mail. This confirmation will detail the main information related to the reservation, its price and payment terms. The contents of these booking confirmations are archived by us. They are considered as proof of the client’s consent to this contract and its date.


Upon receipt of the invoice or rental confirmation, you must pay a deposit of 25% of the amount of the invoice, either by credit card, secure online payment, or bank transfer to the bank account of “PRESTIGE VILLA RENTAL”.
The balance must be paid 30 days before your arrival.
Upon receipt of your deposit, the reservation will be final.
If you book 30 days or less before your arrival date, the total amount of the stay will have to be settled.
The means of payment of the price of the service:
Online payment by credit card allows you to book your stay online, immediately and firmly.
If the delay between the reservation date and the date of the stay is less than 30 days, you will not be able to pay by wire transfer. Therefore, within less than 30 calendar days, only the credit card payment is available.
In the absence of payment, PRESTIGE VILLA RENTAL may proceed to the recovery of the sums by legal channels.


This contract is concluded ”intuitu personae” and cannot be transferred.


Bedrooms can accommodate 2 guests in general.
The contract is established for a specific number of guests. If the number of guests exceeds the capacity, the provider can refuse additional customers. Any modification or termination of the contract will be considered at the customer’s own initiative.


Customer cancellation:
Any cancellation must be done in writing.
The cancellation date is determined as the day at which the client notifies the agency PRESTIGE VILLA RENTAL by email or by post.

The amount withheld will depend on the date of cancellation of the stay.
• 30 days or more before arrival: the customer loses the deposit. It will be given
to the lesser principal minus the agency commission in proportion to the amount of the deposit paid.
• Between 0 and 29 days before arrival: the customer will be liable for 100% of the amount of the invoice (including the deposit), which will be returned to the principal minus PRESTIGE VILLA RENTAL commission.
At time of the booking, you can subscribe to cancellation insurance with ”PM CONSEILS” via PRESTIGE VILLA RENTAL (can not be requested once your stay is confirmed).
In case of no-show or shortened stay, no refund will be made.
After a no-show of more than four (4) days from the expected date of arrival and without any notice from the guest, the lessor will have the right to re-let the villa or apartment, while retaining the ability to sue the client.

Cancellation by the principal:
In the event of cancellation by the principal:
• 30 days or more before the client’s arrival date: The customer receives the full refund of the deposit paid to the agency PRESTIGE VILLA RENTAL to which will be added 25% of the rent as compensation ONLY IF the agency has not been able to find a similar property to the client.
• Between 0 and 29 days before the client’s arrival date: the principal will have to refund the total amount of the rent plus 50% of the rent as compensation.


Any changes must be confirmed in writing prior to the scheduled arrival date. Costs for any modification of a confirmed booking will be up to 25 Euros for any changes.


Pets are generally not accepted. It could be agreed on a case-by-case basis and to the goodwill of the owner. The supplement for a pet is fifty (50) Euros per week.


A deposit depending on the rented property will be requested upon arrival at the accommodation. It will not be considered by the lessee as part of the rent payment.
It can be paid by cheque (French citizens) or by credit card (imprint).
A joint inspection of the premises and a full inventory will be carried out at the entrance of the lessee. At the end of the rental, a checkout inventory will be made with both parties.
When the inventory complies to the one done at that time of entry, the deposit will be refunded on the day of departure (cheque) or within 24/48h after departure (imprint).
Otherwise, this deposit, minus any expenses related to your rent (damaged equipment, garden, etc), you will be refunded within two (2) months after your departure.
If the amount of losses exceeds the amount of the deposit, the lessee commits to settle the damage after the exit inventory. The lessor will justify the amount necessary for the restoration of the property.


The real estate and goods should only incur from normal usage.
Missing or deteriorated items must be replaced or paid for by the lessee. This clause applies to wallpapers, paintings, curtains, drapes, appliances, bedding etc.
The premises are delivered clean and in good condition and must be rendered as such.
The tenant is obliged to put the furniture and objects in the places they found them upon arrival. It is forbidden to throw objects in the washbasins, sinks, toilets which would obstruct them. If so the tenant will have to incur the cost of repair.
It is expressly forbidden to hang out laundry or linen out the windows.
The rental is providing household linen.
This lease is made on the following terms and conditions that the lessee has to comply to :
• Occupy the premises under normal condition, the exercise of any profession being prohibited. The lessee confirms that the premises, subject of this contract, are rented to him as a temporary and pleasure residence.
• Not sublet the premises unless the landlord gives written authorization.
• Only use the premises as a temporary home without causing any inconveniences to the neighbourhood (odors, noise, lights, etc.). No festive event can be planned in the accommodation.

Failing the above, PRESTIGE VILLA RENTAL has the right to demand the tenant to leave the premises before the end of the contract.
The tenant agrees to have liability insurance with a clause “Resorts”. A certificate must be provided to the agency before entering the property. In the event of damages, the absence of insurance will be subject lead to compensation.


During Christmas and New Year holidays, the rental is made exclusively by the week, from Saturday to Saturday. Outside of these periods, the day of arrival is open.
On arrival day, you can take possession of your rented premises from 5:00 pm. On departure day you will have to leave the premises before 11:00am.
It could change for some destinations, please check the property listing.


Complaints concerning the stay must be sent by registered letter to:

3617, Bd Marquisat of Houelbourg – C / O Buro Club – Imm Simkel
97122 Baie Mahault

Or by email:

Within seven (7) days from the date of your departure.
It is however preferable for your comfort to report any problems or concerns immediately; we will do our upmost to satisfy your request to the extent of our possibilities.


PRESTIGE VILLA RENTAL is not responsible for :
· damage and\or injuries arisen in the accommodation, whatever the reason might be
· information provided orally or by telephone
· thefts, losses or damages that you can undergo in the accommodation
· nuisances that would disrupt, interrupt or prevent your stay in case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances such as drought, flood, black tide , general power cut of gas, water, strikes, works in progress (construction of roads, buildings which can take place near the accommodation).


The lessee is jointly and severally liable for the fulfillment of all obligations of using the swimming pool, both for himself and for all registered persons and / or their visitors.
The lessee is also responsible for the use of the shared swimming pool, with all the consequences that this entails in accordance with the regulation, which he/she acknowledges to know.
The lessee and all registered persons and/or its visitors agree knowingly to the use of the swimming pool and its surroundings and thereby release the responsibility of the lessor for all physical or intangible accident, particularly when using the swimming pool.
They commit, by doing acts of prevention and surveillance, to ensure the safety of all persons, especially those of children. Tenants will have to have liability insurance.


If a payment of a clause is not made in the deadlines, or if one of the clauses of the contract is not fulfilled, and payments are not settled one month after order to pay, the lease will be cancelled as of rights, if the lessor decides so and without judicial formality.
If the lessee refuses to leave the premises, they will be evicted on temporary injunction delivered by the presidency of the magistrate’s court of POINTE-A-PITRE.


Any dispute over the application of the present general terms of sale, of their
interpretation, of their execution and rental agreements or sale concluded by our company, or in the payment of the price, will be brought before the commercial court of POINTE-A-PITRE and this no matter the place of the order, the delivery, the payment and the method of payment, and even in cases of appeal of warranty or of multiple defendants.


The choice of residence is made by our company in its head office and for the buyer, the address or head office such as they declared it to us.