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Bouillante Vacation Rental Guadeloupe

The town of Bouillante is located on the west side of Basse-Terre on the leeward side of the coast and it takes around 50 minutes from the airport.

Bouillante is renowned for the Cousteau Natural Reserve in Malendure which is an extraordinary site for scuba diving. This diving spot is a natural reserve and a protected maritime area in the Caribbean Sea. Its name comes from Commander Cousteau who fell in love with the seabed which he called the most beautiful seabed.

The town of Bouillante is very exotic and its name comes from the numerous and nearby hot springs, like the one of Anse Thomas. By the beach or in your vacation rental, you will enjoy the magnificent sunsets that slip away behind the Ilet Pigeon.

Authentic, it will charm you with its small typical Creole houses, the beach of Malendure, the diving spot of Reserve Cousteau, the "Parc Zoologique des Mamelles", the numerous hiking tracks on the Route de la Traversée, the glass bottom boat the Nautilus or the dolphin and whale watching excursions.

You will find on this page your future vacation rental in Bouillante with beachfront vacation rentals, vacation rentals with sunsets or even rentals with sea views...

Our tips: if you are looking for a place to stay and go diving during your holidays, the town of Bouillante is the adequate place and zen location. You will also find activities and restaurants such as La Touna or O'Zépices which are remarkable.

Contact us and we will recommend you the best vacation rental in Bouillante.

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